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Getting a permit is no baby matter

Think you don’t need a permit expediter? Consider this, according to an article in Miami Today getting a “small building permit” is a 310-day slog. Yup that’s 10 months and 5 days.

To put it into perspective that’s about the same time it takes a baby do develop their intellectual skills. In the time it takes to get a permit to build a single family home, a baby would have learned to search for objects if they know its hidden, associate actions and sounds with things, respond to simple requests, and understand simple sentences like “find the ball” or “may I have my permit please?” These are just a few of the developmental milestones of a 10-month-old according to the website   (Article)

According to the Miami Today article, out of the 310-day average, the plans are with the city 145 days. The remainder of the time is spent between outside agencies, design professionals, and other regulatory agencies. The article mentions delays in Zoning, plans getting “stuck” between reviewers, misinformation on behalf of the applicant, and even an increase in the number of permits submitted to the city. Well the same is true for other outside agencies and even the professionals you hire.

So how can an expediting company help? Well it’s our job to help keep track of irregularities in the process. We are familiar with each municipality and regulatory agency and their procedures, therefore we are well qualified in recognizing when files are being delayed unnecessarily. We are constantly dealing with each agency and have the necessary relationships to move things along when they go wrong.

Priority permits can handle your project responsibly. We ensure you don’t fall through the cracks. Contact us today for more information.

Priority Permit Expeditors

When you call Priority Permit for all your permit needs you will have me, the owner and operator, and my team working on your project.

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